As a national authority on plastic bag laws and sustainability, Jennie consults for a variety of grassroots organizations, cities, and businesses. 


Jennie specializes in plastic bag laws, recycling, and sustainability. Examples of her past consulting projects include:


Plastic Bag Laws and Issues

  • Overview of plastic bag law best practices

  • Detailed analysis of draft ordinances

  • Individualized campaign planning and feedback

  • Preparation of testimony and campaign materials

Recycling and Sustainability Practices for Businesses

  • Individualized feedback to improve sustainability of packaging materials

  • Analysis of potential greenwashing concerns

  • Analysis of ocean-derived plastics

  • Analysis of biodegradable and compostable plastics

  • Overview of regulatory landscape for bag manufacturers

Prioritizing discretion along with her experience, Jennie's practice selectively consults for mindful organizations who match Jennie's outlook on sustainability.