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Projects and Writing

Jennie hones her dedication to sustainability in research and community-first projects on waste, single-use plastic, and other initiatives. The following academic journals and websites also feature Jennie's byline as a writer.

New: Can I Recycle This?



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The Huffington Post

  • Series: How to Get Active in Local Politics

  • Deja Vu: Debate Over Foam Food Containers Returns to NYC City Council

  • Why Carryout Fees Are More Effective Than Plastic Bag Bans

The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

  • The Supreme Court of Texas Strikes Down Laredo's Bag Ban: Why We Should All Be Alarmed

  • Plastic Bag Bans Draw Unexpected Supporters in Texas: Cotton Ginners and Cattle Ranchers

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinances: New York City’s Proposed Charge on All Carryout Bags as a Model for U.S. Cities, Tulane Environmental Law Journal (2014)


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Plastics Industry’s “Public Interest” Role in Legislation and Litigation of Plastic Bag Laws in California,  Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal (2012)

Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags: An Icon Of Waste, Sustainability: The Journal of Record (2012)


The Evolution of SF’s Plastic Bag Ban, Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal (2007)

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