Jennie is an adept and engaging public speaker. She presents on environmental policy and activism with thorough research of her topics, and her audiences.

The following overview features a selection of Jennie's engagements. 

On Can I Recycle This?

KTWV-FM: (94.7 The Wave): Radio
April 16th, 3:00pm EST

Green Apple Books:
Instagram Live
April 19th, 9:30pm EST

Something You Should Know: Podcast
April 20th, 1:00pm EST

Good Morning America - What You Need To Know (ABC): TV
April 22nd


SiriusXM - Conversation With John Fugelsang: Radio
April 27th

Grass Roots Books: Zoom Webinar
April 27th, 10:00am EST


Jennie offers concise commentary on some of the most pressing sustainability issues of our time. She is concerned with local issues facing New York City, as well as topics of national concern.

  • VICE News Tonight

  • On Second Thought: The Trevor Noah Podcast

  • NBC New York

Sustainability Conferences

Jennie's interests focus on creative approaches to waste, regulation, and strategies for effective community engagement. 


  • The Blue Vision Summit

  • The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference

  • New York Federation Conference

Educational Venues
When speaking for educational venues, Jennie encourages a meaningful combination of direct action and legislative literacy for audiences of future activists.

  • New York University

  • Yale University

  • Pratt Institute

Public Hearings
An extensive legal background allows Jennie to effectively present issues for lawmakers, stakeholders, and community members.

  • ​The New York City Council

  • Oregon State Senate

  • New York State Senate

For more information, contact Jennie here.

Other Appearances

Newsy: December 25th 2020

Many Americans have no idea where their recycling end ups, or how recycling works in the first place. Jennie Romer talks about the answers she found writing her new illustrated book, to be published in the spring.

VICE News Tonight: May 13th 2020

As COVID-19 brings about a landmark international health crisis, VICE interviews Jennie on COVID-19's unexpected plastic waste impact.

On Second Thought: The Trevor Noah Podcast: July 24th 2019

Jennie Romer and Trevor Noah discuss whether recycling works — and how to make it better.


UPSTREAM: June 5th 2019

On Berkeley's comprehensive foodware ordinance

Earth Week at Columbia University: April 25th 2019

Policy in Action: Jennie Romer talks about the Plastic Bag Ban

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